Namasté Beautiful Soul

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016


Do you predominantly consume or create? Do your acquire and hoard knowledge or do you discover and realize your knowledge by conscious experience of your self in the moment? Are your actions and movements motivated by the thought ‘I must’ and according to acquired theories of what is 'right' or by an inner flow of feeling? Are your thoughts concerning your actions and words passing through your mind prior to what you do and say or at the same time or is your mind even perfectly empty and absorbed in the here-now? Do you act according to prior experience or by your intuitive feeling in the moment? Do you laugh and joke to release tension or from the sense or lightness, playfulness and joy that bubbles up from inside your self?
By consciously practising Hatha Yoga on your mat you can teach your self to live creatively and from the wisdom of love instead of according to what you have been taught directly or indirectly by the principle of fear.