Namasté Beautiful Soul

Samstag, 18. Februar 2017


There are teachers and leaders who are in the position because they need it in order to experience some degree of love, trust and the right of existing. They usually display the tendency to demonstrate their power in some way, to oppress others and to fight those, who are naturally loving and trusting and clear in themselves.
And there are teachers and leaders who are naturally in such a position because they understand, see and love more universally and they love to guide others into experiencing more freedom, wisdom and trust from within themselves.
Both kinds of teachers-leaders can cause us to feel disconcerted and unsure of ourselves at first. However, while first will pounce upon your weakness and use it to feel more powerful themselves. Or they will use it to create in you dependency upon their own existence or beliefs. The latter will - metaphorically speaking - reach our their hands and hearts to lift you up and aid you to stabilise your own stance and encourage you to be independent and self-defined. The teacher who teaches and the leader who leads from an inner state of love and light are the ones who do not tell you who, what or how you are but rather inspires you to trust your self to find your own answers there to and to guide you in questioning yourself and experience the reality of you in all your different dimensions.

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