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Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017


Yoga is a state of perfect clarity and unity in the moment. A unity which arises from the inside and transfers itself to and is reflected in the external life. Yoga is a state that ensues if all fear is absent in the self. Where there is fear, yoga cannot be because fear obscures, separates.
So if you are serious about your yoga practise and you do not content yourself with just “being more relaxed”, “more flexible and fit”, “feeling better in your body” etc.
You need to be prepared to MOVE. And not only on your yoga mat - even if you have your own daily mat practise. if you truly wish to integrate your self then check your daily routine and cease cultivating all habits that are directly related to feeding the fear you wish to overcome in yourself. Here is the major habits to stop : TV, cinema, radio, newspapers and glossies (yes, even yoga magazines), gossiping with you neighbours/mates/work colleagues, going to a sports studio, unnecessary shopping (ie. buying anything that goes beyond your daily needs), cigarettes, alcohol etc…
Why? Have you ever felt into your energy while and after these habits? This is your answer. It saps your energy, muddies your clarity, takes you our of your self - in short it only relates to your ego and its fears. Even if for the moment it may make you feel better about yourself in some way.
Only once you are out of all these habits you can actually start to became aware of your own state of energy in the moment. Of course, if you are living in a city, having a busy job etc. there are most probably still a lot of external factors that are partially confusing your actual energy but then this is life.

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