Namasté Beautiful Soul

Montag, 12. September 2016


Through yoga practise we are learing to recognize and transcend our initial boundaries of self on all levels of our being. In order to be successful in this undertaking self-discipline is required to a certain degree because matter(ie the physical body) is inherently a passive aspect and the ego with its thoughts and feelings and undisciplined and unsteady force that inhabits our self. However, sometimes it is not easy to know what is healthy discipline and what is violation of our natural boundaries.
The degree of love-awareness we carry in ourselves defines the line and ability to make a distinction between the two.
And if you wish to verify how you are treating your self, notice how you feel after having been 'disciplined' and check your motivation to keep to a certain 'discipline' in the first place.
The after effect has to be an increased and long-lasting sense of freedom, well-being, lightness, contentment.

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