Namasté Beautiful Soul

Freitag, 16. September 2016


At our innermost core we are pure spirit. Spirit is silent, it is light it is harmony and peace.
Although there are spiritual practices we can exercise in order to experience our spiritual part of being, to be leading a spiritual life is ultimately neither defined by nor dependent upon them.
Since our personal ego is the active part of our self we can easily fall into the trap of believing ourselves to be leading 'a spiritual life' and to be 'a very spiritual person' because we are doing so many 'spiritual' things like reading books and magazines on spirituality, attending spiritual courses, talking and discussing about spiritual topics etc.
Whereas in fact to be truly spiritual is to be consciously aware of the inherent spiritual essence in everything we are, meet with and do and pass through in the course of our existence. The more we come to rest in this awareness the less we need to talk about it and the more we become natural mediums of light, silence, peace and love in every moment.

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