Namasté Beautiful Soul

Montag, 12. September 2016


As with everything else in life, it is not what we are doing that truly tells what it is that we are doing but why we are doing it, that decides what it actually is. The fruits, the outcome indicate the truth.
The same goes for our yoga practise.
So next time you practise yoga on your mat check with yourself in the first place your intentions for getting onto your mat. Is it your ego keen to perform and achieve or is it rather your inner desire to step our of your ego and its limitations?
And in the second place keep an observent eye on your self as you are performing your expercises. The ego comes and goes in the course of our daily existence and thus it will be present on your mat at times. Your final state after the practise will be the sum total answer to how 'successful' you have been at practising yoga. If it is an out of mind, freely floating happy and light state it was yoga that you practised. If you find yourself telling yourself how well you have done, how much progress you are making, how long you have been taking time out for your self and that you are doing it regularly etc. you exercise something else but not yoga.

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